In episode 11 of The Future Faces of Spirit, Joran Oppelt reflects on future forms of spiritual community, as many of the mainstream religious institutions falter and dwindle, and draws on his experience with forming the Integral Church to offer a vision of the grassroots emergence of local, inclusive, trans-religious communities of practice.

A Series in Regards: Episode 3 (Faith) with Katelyn Grady

Joran’s keynote presentation (Spiritual Edge) at Integral European Conference 2018

Joran speaking at Ignite Tampa Bay about the Future of Religion. (5:36)

Joran speaking about the importance of a “7-Day Media Cleanse” and his contribution to the Transform Your Life book. (3:43)

Joran and Michael Whalen discuss the formation of Integral Church, male rites of passage, politics and the future of religion. (57:35)