Joran and Rich

Zoë Skye
Yellow Sun (Digital, 2022)
Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar and percussion

Joran Slane
The Gray Parade (Live at In the Raw: Revival) (Digital, 2021)
Vocals, Guitar

Joran Slane
Auditorium II: Deus Ex Machina (YouTube, 2020)
Producer, writer, arranger
Video, lyrics, and liner notes

Ronnie Dee and the Superstars
#thankyoumusic (CD, Digital, 2016)
Background vocals on “Warming Up”

Infinite Skillz
You’re All Invited Mixtape (CD, Digital, 2013)
Vocal on “Same As You”
You’re All Invited Mixtape on Audio Mack

Black Eyed Angels (a.k.a. Sons of Hippies)
GNC Live Sessions (Digital, 2012)
Lead Guitar on “Don’t You Worry,” “Stripes” and “Dark Daisies”

The Semis
Decapitator Blues
Tambourine on “Library Book” (CD, Digital, 2011)

Various Artists
For the Kids! Creative Loafing’s Holiday Mixtape (Digital, Limited-run CD, 2011)

CL Xmas

Joran Slane
Auditorium (CD, Digital, 2008)
Producer, writer, arranger

Legatto Staccato
Legatto Staccato (CD, Digital, 2008)
Guitar on “Big Fat Sangwich”

The New Aezthetic (CD, 2007)

Various Artists
Best of “In the Raw” Season One (CD, 2006)
Vocal and guitar on “Caffeine”

Various Artists
Southeast Music Alliance, Vol. 2: Tampa Bay and Beyond (CD, Digital, 2006)
Vocal and guitar on “Serenity” by Auditorium
Lead guitar and backup vocal on “Anticipation” by Steve Alex

Joran Slane
Power to the People: A Tribute to Free Speech (CD, Digital, 2006)
Producer, arranger on “Power to the People”
Vocal and Guitar on “Protest”

Steve Alex
Universal Dropout (CD, Digital, 2005)
Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals on “Anticipation”

Live at the State Theater (DVD, 2004)

Joran Slane
Protest EP (CD, 2004)

Various Artists
Southeast Music Alliance, Vol. 1: Tampa Bay (CD, Digital, 2004)
Vocal and guitar on “On and On” by The Gita

Various Artists
CD Street Sampler featuring The New Bohemians (CD, 2004)
Vocal and guitar on “On and On” by The Gita

Rebekah Pulley
The Real World (CD, Digital, 2004)
Producer, Drums on “The Real World”

“Born to Run”
Central Avenue Freezeout: A Tribute to The Boss (Digital, 2002)

The Gita
Feature Presentation (CD, Digital, 2001)
Vocals and Guitars

The Gita
Now More Than Ever: Live at Club More (CD, Digital, 2000)

The Gita
1700 (CD, 1998)

Prometheus Rising
Live at Gasoline Alley (Cassette, 1996)

Wisconsin Transit
Love and Other Heart Disease (Cassette, 1994)
Producer, Labyrinth Studios

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