Marketing for Creatives (Coaching)

Joran Oppelt, Rock Star Marketing Coach. Photo by Kelley Jackson.

Is this you?

  • Not sure how to align your passion (what you love) with your business (how you live)?

  • Constantly seeking books/webinars to “learn” yourself out of a problem

  • Feeling stuck and unsure what to do next?

  • Overwhelmed and distracted by the details of running your business

  • Not sure how to create content (blogs, video, social posts) to support your business

  • (or) Creating content on a regular basis, but wondering why you even bother

  • Think you don’t have the time or the resources to “do EVERYTHING!”

  • Self-conscious or shy on camera / Unsure of your own voice

  • You may need a Marketing Coach


What Does a Marketing Coach Do?

  • Helps you find your authentic voice and encourages you to use it for good
  • Provides you with the tools and checklists to effortlessly engage in the work
  • Sees the creative and best in you and brings it forward
  • Helps you design a marketing plan and set reachable goals
  • Keeps you accountable to your own creative process and to the behaviors (writing, blogging, video, podcasts, public speaking, webinars, social media) that drive your bottom line

As Your Marketing Coach, I Will Share My Personal Methods With You:

  1. Develop Authentic Presence – This is the secret sauce, your unique signature, your voice, and the energy that only you can bring to the world.
  2. Build Authorship – Channel your voice and your authentic presence to create content (books, videos, downloads) that position you as an expert.
  3. Become a Content Warrior – Write, create audio/video content, and use social media to support your livelihood and grow your business.
  4. Channel Your Inner Rock Star – You will have clarity of vision and purpose, making you more confident when speaking in public, running a meeting, or even writing an email.


What People Say About Joran

“Buckle your seat belt for a coaching session with Joran. He literally delivers so much value in the time you spend together, that you are filled with energy and enthusiasm to take the next steps he has revealed. I discovered how to utilize my existing material in new and different ways that will advance my work, how to identify and make a plan to approach influencers and press contacts, and the importance of having a marketing coach to help keep me accountable to the efforts I commit to. I can’t recommend Joran more highly!”

– Gayle Van Gils, author of Happier at Work: The Power of Love to Transform the Workplace

“Joran helped hone my myriad of interests and passions into a cohesive idea and a business offering. He helped me see how all the personal pieces fit together and even how it can be successfully marketed. It all felt effortless. Working with Joran is both inspiring and grounding, uplifting and empowering; he is very real and encourages action.”

– Betsy A.



Who is Joran Oppelt?

    • Proud Husband and Father – My family keeps me sane, inspired and laughing
    • Self-Published Author – My book Sentences is available worldwide. I am also the co-author of Transform Your Life: Expert Advice, Practical Tools and Personal Stories and Integral Church: An Interfaith Handbook of Ceremonies and Rituals   
    • Creative Director and Marketing Professional – I worked in the newspaper and media industry from 1999-2013, first learning how to lay pages out with wax rollers and eventually finding myself at the birthplace of social media and the epicenter of the shift to multimedia storytelling.  
    • Award-Winning Musician – I was the founder of the Southeast Music Alliance and named Best Singer/Songwriter in 2001 by Creative Loafing. My bands, The Gita and Auditorium, have performed across the US, sharing the stage with Blues Traveler, Blind Melon, Men at Work and The Fixx.
    • Award-Winning Producer – I was the host of SMAsh Radio, an award-winning music podcast, and have produced various singles and albums for my own label, Mekka Records.
    • Interfaith Minister – I am the founder of Integral Church and Interfaith Week in St. Petersburg, and serve as President of Interfaith Tampa Bay – committed to increasing religious literacy and educating people about the diversity within and among the world’s faith traditions.
    • Chaplain – For two years, I served as a prayer chaplain at First Unity of St. Petersburg, holding sacred space for the community and learning to deeply listen and affirmatively pray with others.

I am an international speaker who has shared the stage with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ken Wilber, Jane Goodall, Michael Beckwith, Matthew Fox, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Stanislav Grof, Howard Rheingold, Nate Silver and Gary Vaynerchuck as well as Blues Traveler, Blind Melon, Men at Work, The Fixx, John Doe (X), Saliva, Michael Glabicki (Rusted Root) and more at events like Building the New World Conference in Radford, VA; South by Southwest in Austin, TX; Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City and Integral European Conference in Siófok, Hungary.

My 20+ years of experience as a “rock star” in the worlds of music, media and marketing (as well as my years in ministry) have provided me with some truly unique gifts and insights. Let me put them to work for you!


My Commitment to You


If you even think you need help increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in your content strategy

… or taking the next steps to being an all-around rock star, shoot me a message.