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Here’s How People Have Been Affected by Joran’s Classes and Workshops: 

“Joran’s talk was both entertaining and well-paced; he warmed the room from his first breath.”

“Joran finds a perfect balance between right and left brain – between thinking and action – to effect change in any individual.”


MURAL Facilitator Master Class

MURAL is a “digital workspace for visual collaboration.” In today’s remote environment, it has replaced the whiteboard, the flipchart and the walls of the conference room as a place where ideas are brainstormed, problems are solved and decisions are made.

In this workshop for facilitators and visual consultants, Joran Oppelt (co-author of The Visual Meetings Field Guide) will show you how he uses MURAL — from basic best practices to advanced use cases; from template-building to clean-up.

If you are looking for someone to show you how fun and easy MURAL can be, to level-up your facilitator skills or learn how to bring the magic to your next client session, you don’t want to miss this workshop.

Learning Objectives 

  • The Difference Between Design Thinking and Visual Thinking
  • The First 30 Minutes: How to Begin Every Virtual Session
  • Using Templates vs. Working From Scratch
  • The Limitations of MURAL and What To Do if it All Goes Wrong

Friday, March 26, 12-3 p.m. EST

Below is a list of talks, classes and workshops that Joran has shared with organizations and communities like yours. If you would like to book Joran for an appearance (in-person or virtual), please contact him via e-mail at

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“The Visioning Workshop led by Joran Oppelt helped me put my arms around what I need to focus on this year. He is a master facilitator, using MURAL to build content-rich experiences that translate easily to virtual events. Joran leverages the power of MURAL to create whiteboard-plus rather than in-person-minus. Joran’s facilitation style is warm and responsive, and he’s eager to help others find the path to their highest value.”

– Geoffrey Nelson

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