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Praise for Sentences

“Joran Oppelt’s Sentences are a series of insightful meditations to get anyone’s contemplative muscles flexing. From nature to mythology, love to gratitude, this book is packed with plenty of introspective wisdom.”

Chris Grosso, author of Indie Spiritualist and Everything Mind

Sentences is a simply beautiful and timeless collection of affirmations, prayers and poetry that will surely resonate with those on the mystical and heart-centered path. Joran has the rare ability to speak to a new generation — one that is seeking inclusiveness and authenticity.”

Temple Hayes, author of When Did You Die?: 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up, How to Speak Unity and The Right to Be You

Praise for Integral Church: An Interfaith Handbook of Ceremonies and Rituals

“A pioneering document. It will go down in history as perhaps one of the first statements of this form of evolutionary spirituality. Joran is an excellent scholar and minister. The handbook is very well done and should be a manual for all of us.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Praise for Transform Your Life!

“I read your segment in Transform Your Life and put your social media fasting to the test! Wow, what a difference it makes not to be at social media and cell phones’ beck and call! A sense of freedom I hadn’t felt in a while. I am grateful to you, Joran! Great ideas for our little sages of the earth!”

Jennifer Real, Musician


Sentences (2015)


Sentences is a collection of meditations, affirmations, prayers and poetry culled from the journals, published writings and talks of Integral Church founder Joran Slane Oppelt. Topics range from grief and gratitude to the sacred masculine and divine feminine.

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The Mountain and the Snow (2014)


Read Joran’s self-published short story, The Mountain and The Snow, by downloading the PDF here or by picking up a copy in person.

The Mountain and the Snow is a fable about a solitary mountain’s encounter with the very first snowfall and the history-spanning relationship that forms between them. It is also book one of The Siren Trilogy, which includes the forthcoming The Wolf and the Spider and The Eagle and the Snake.

Intended for readers of all ages.


Transform Your Life: Expert Advice, Practical Tools and Personal Stories (2014)


Joran is also co-author of the book, Transform Your Life: Expert Advice, Practical Tools and Personal Storiesa dynamic, interactive book published by Transformation Publishing. Over 50 teachers and authors have contributed to this book–and not only does it offer a vast variety of perspectives, words of wisdom, and tools, there is something for everyone. Every reader will get something different out of this book, and every time you open it YOU will too. Plus, each chapter is short and easy to read, making it perfect for quick inspiration during your busy schedule or instant insights on the go.

Order your copy of Transform Your Life here, and use promo code ‘JORAN20’ for a special 20% discount.


Integral Church: An Interfaith Handbook of Ceremonies and Rituals (2014)


A collection of prayers, meditations, songs, and other tools for transformation. Includes a history of Integral Spirituality and samples of wedding ceremonies, memorial services, blessing ways, and other ceremonies and rituals. Intended for clergy, healers, therapists, interfaith practitioners or those interested in developing their own spiritual practice. Download the PDF here. For more information about Integral Church, visit

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