New Online Course for Spiritual Leadership (February 11-22)

spiritual leadership

I am honored to be among the faculty for this most timely online intensive on spiritual leadership with the Fox Institute, “Spiritual Leadership in a Time of Cultural Upheaval and Despair.”

It’s an unusual opportunity to dive deeply into how we might move forward in dark times with one of the great spiritual luminaries, Rev. Matthew Fox — as well as Abby Wells, Rob McNamara, Vera de Chalambert and Rabbi Victor Gross.

There are two parts to this online offering:

  1. Four intensive sessions on spirituality and leadership with Rev. Matthew Fox (February 11-14, 2019).
  2. Five sessions with associate faculty (February 18-22, 2019). These classes will take place live via Zoom, and the video-recording of the classes will be available for those who cannot make it during class time.

The tuition includes the entire two-week retreat, which is 13.5 HOURS of content from all faculty. If you are called, make sure to register by January 23rd for a 10% DISCOUNT.

I hope some of you will consider joining us for this offering.

My session is entitled “Making Sense of it All: An Integral Worldview” and will be held on February 20.

Here is a brief description:

“Do you ever wonder, “How does it all fit together?” Do you feel like the problems facing our society and our planet are just too large and you don’t know where to start?

Building a solution for the future begins with having the right tools, the right attitude and the right map.

Weaving together evolutionary theory, stages of consciousness and culture, science and spirituality, the integral approach acts as an illuminating set of wide-angle lenses. Through it, we may see the relationship between the bigger story of humanity and the current social, political, spiritual and scientific crises we are in.

Integral theory provides a glimpse into the emergence of a new structure. The “integral” stage of human development is characterized by its potential to integrate and stimulate cooperation between multiple views. Given society’s growing complexity and polarization, the capacity to skillfully navigate and empathize with these perspectives is critical.

In this talk and conversation, Joran Oppelt will present an introduction to Integral Philosophy and Spirituality that is practical and easy to appreciate. Attendees will gain a deeper sense of pluralism and pragmatism that can serve as a new set of eyes – instilling a renewed optimism and hope for our future.”

To learn more about ALL THE SESSIONS and to register, please visit


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