Join the Interfaith Ministers Network


I am honored and excited to be facilitating the new monthly “Interfaith Ministers Network” call in partnership with Integral Church and Wisdom Circle Ministries.

If you are a practicing interfaith minister, chaplain or activist, this group is for you. We will be connecting with a network of ministers currently engaged in community-building and promoting interfaith dialogue and interspiritual expression in their respective cities.

We will be learning from the insights and best practices of ministers who are committed to growing their circles and congregations through a focus on service programs, religious literacy and spiritual practice.

If you are an experienced minister currently leading a community, a long-time community organizer or just starting out on the path to interfaith activism or ministry, we hope you can join us.

January 28 “What Seminary Doesn’t Teach You”
February 25 “Starting a Spiritual Community From Scratch”
March 31 “Creating Interfaith Rituals”

Visit the archive for the audio recording and notes form the calls.




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