Integral Wellness: Staying on the Path [VIDEO]

Joran RR

On Monday, December 15, I had the honor of giving a talk on Integral Wellness (an integrative approach to health and spirituality) at an event called Resolution Revolution held at Unity Campus in St. Petersburg. The event centered around developing clear intentions for the new year and creating a blueprint to stay accountable to them.

Other presenters included yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner Alina Hall, Mindset coach Gary Loper and moderator Dr. Joel Bennett (CEO of Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems).

Below is the video of my portion of the workshop. It packs a lot of information into 30 minutes, so if you’re interested in the topic, I recommend you grab a pencil and a journal and follow along.

P.S. I am indebted to David Deida for the stained glass analogy.


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