Get a copy of my new book, “Transform Your Life: Expert Tips, Practical Tools, and Personal Stories” [VIDEO]

A few months ago, I was asked to contribute a chapter to a book called Transform Your Life: Expert Tips, Practical Tools, and Personal Stories.

Authors were asked to contribute something useful – a tool or teaching they thought would be able to inspire the reader or help them overcome a block or obstacle in their life.

I decided to publish an abridged version of The Seven Day Media Cleanse, as it remains useful in my life (we still do it once or twice a year) and to this day is one of the most meaningful fasts I’ve done.

After reading through the other chapters in this book, I can truly say I am humbled and honored to be counted among these inspiring authors and teachers. The topics include things like “following your passion” and “letting go,” but also include detailed accounts of surviving abuse and developing your own spiritual practice. The book can be read from cover to cover, or the 60 chapters are short enough that you can use it as a daily devotional, reading a chapter every morning or flipping it open at random and always finding something really inspiring.

If anyone wants to snag a copy of this moving and uplifting book, please let me know. They’re available online or directly from me. If you buy it online, use promo code JORAN20 at checkout to receive a discount.

Transform Your Life book - Joran Oppelt

Joran Oppelt Transform Your Life

Joran speaking at the launch event for the book, “Transform Your Life: Expert Advice, Practical Tools, and Personal Stories.”


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